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17 Father's Day memes that sum up every dad

17 Father's Day memes that sum up every dad

Want to turn the tables this Father's Day and dish out a dad joke or two of your own? Want payback for all the times dad asked you to pull his finger?

We all love our dads, but there's one thing they all have in common and that's the inexplicable ability to tell a bad joke in a way that only dads can.

But this time it's your turn to give your dad a laugh!

With that in mind, it's time to unleash the power of memes and celebrate dads across the country.

Here are 17 Father's Day memes that every parent and child can relate to both in the lead up to the big day and on the day itself.

Everyone’s dad has done this at least once. Ours does it at least twice a week!

 Darth Vader Father's Day meme

 Every dad has one of these stares in their locker

 Samuel L Jackson stare Father's Day meme

When your dad picks up the remote and changes the channel without asking you what you want to watch.

Will Ferrel Father's Day meme 

Me every time dad let me drive the car while sitting on his knee

mandalorian Father's Day meme

Every Father’s Day ever...

 toy story Father's Day meme

There’s nothing quite like that first driving lesson...

driving Father's Day meme 

When your dad hears rap music coming from your room and tries to sing along…

rap music dad Father's Day meme 

 No one wants that conversation…

sex ed talk Father's Day meme

Why do we always have to eat our vegetables?

eat your greens Father's Day meme

How are they always the first to get ready?

narcos Father's Day meme

Dad always knows best

clown Father's Day meme

Some things never get old for dads

leonardo dicaprio laughing Father's Day meme 

Dads don’t do directions!

 the rock Father's Day meme

Every dad loves Queen

 queen Father's Day meme

The pressure…

star wars Father's Day meme

When your dad takes over the car after your driving lesson goes wrong

captian phillips Father's Day meme

Dads know everything right?

keir starmer Father's Day meme

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