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8 mechanic t shirts every petrol head will love

8 mechanic t shirts every petrol head will love

Whether you're a seasoned tinkerer or a college graduate looking to spend decades under the bonnet of a car, our top 7 mechanic t shirts will get every petrol head's motor running or make them laugh. Either way, they're a great gift that the mechanic in your life will love.

Tuna No Crust Fast and Furious T shirt

Tuna no crust fast and furious t shirt

Made famous by the late great Paul Walker in the first Fast and Furious movie, the ‘Tuna No Crust’ line he delivers to Mia, who later becomes the mother of his child, is now iconic.

Fast and Furious fans still quote the line today and it’s become a badge of honour that car lovers and mechanics alike love to say.

Car sounds t shirt


Car sounds t shirts mens t shirts


Forget price lists, brochures and expensive websites to let your customers know your price lists. Just get your lead mechanic to wear this t shirt.

Personally we’ve heard ‘clang-thud-clang’ a few too many times. While it might be the sign that we need a new car, this is th sign that you need to treat the mechanic in your life to this t shirt.

Spanner Ninja Mechanic gift t shirt

Spanner ninja mechanic t shirt

It might sound like it’s world war three in the garage with all the noise of engines spluttering, metal on metal and shrieks of woe coming from under the bonnet as someone attempts to revive their aging Ford Cortina.

However, step foot inside the sacred four walls and you’ll be met with a mechanic so in tune with his tools that he seems unstoppable. Spinning a spanner in one hand and wielding a wrench in the other, he glides across the engine block like a silent assassin hunting down their prey. They are indeed channeling their inner spanner ninja.

Let them know you appreciate their skill with this perfect gift for the one they call spanner ninja!

I can’t fix stupid t shirt

I can't fix stupid t shirt

Mechanics are often miracle workers, but sometimes even some things are outside their skill set.

Give them the t shirt that says what they need to when they can’t.

Dash icons funny mens t shirt

dash icons funny t shirt

The dash icon, a mechanic’s nemesis and the bane of their life more often than not. Whether it’s when they’re tinkering with their own old car that needs a little TLC, or they’re exploring what is wrong with a customer’s vehicle, the dreaded dash icon can cause a major headache.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work they just won’t go off.

Thankfully our designers don’t want to bring back any bad memories for the mechanic in your life, which is why they put their own spin on popular dash icons.

Vauxhall Nova T shirt

Vauxhall Nova T shirt

Ah, the Vauxhall Nova, or if you’re based outside the UK, you probably know it as the Opel Nova. This small little hatchback has cemented its place in motoring culture for decades and it now has pride of place as one of our most popular mechanic focussed t shirts.

Engine failure icon mechanic t shirt

Engine failure t shirt

Nobody wants to see this icon and if you have had the unfortunate orange light flash on we’re pretty sure every single person has said these two words. 

Torretto’s Garage Fast and Furious T shirt

Fast and furious torettos garage t shirt

We’re rounding up our top 8 t shirts and ending back where we started, in the world of Fast and Furious.

Ever since we first caught a glimpse of Vin Diesel working on his infamous Dodge Charger Toretto’s garage has become a fictional bastion for petrol heads all over the world. The roar of the engine as the charger emerges for the finale of the first  Fast and Furious movie is a sound that still gives us chills and now you can have yourself a piece of motoring movie memorabilia with the perfect gift for a Team Torretto fan.

Still looking for something?

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Happy shopping! 

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