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Leaving lockdown: 13 memes that sum up how we'll feel on June 21st

Leaving lockdown: 13 memes that sum up how we'll feel on June 21st

With the potential end of lockdown and the hope of returning to a sense of normality following one of the most difficult periods many people will have experienced in living memory, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that people across the UK are getting excited about June 21st, our team included.

People will be feeling all the emotions when it comes to the thought of lockdown easing. Seeing loved ones, their best friends, going on holiday somewhere warm and sunny, drinking wine with friends or even a simple hug. These are almost now a reality and in true form, the internet has made exactly how they feel known in hilarious fashion.

Here are 13 memes that perfectly sum up how it will feel when we wake up on June 21st.

When lockdown ends meme


That first hug after you’ve left lockdown is going to feel epic!

End of lockdown meme joey friends

Credit: @friendsmemesandquotes

How it felt waiting for the plan to end lockdown to be announced.

June 21st lockdown meme

Credit @joehalligan / Twitter

The barber best have those clippers ready on June 21st.

June 21st lockdown ends meme

Credit: Memezilla

If you know, you know…

End of lockdown June 21st meme

Credit: Vectorbomb /

Sorry every other day in 2021, but June 21st is the one for me.

June 21st lockdown meme

Credit: Vectorbomb /

Pack your bags, it’s not long to wait now!

End of lockdown meme June 21st 2021

Credit: Vectorbomb /

Accurate depiction of at least 50% of the UK population on June 21st…

Lockodwn June 21st holiday meme

Credit: Vectorbomb /

Everyone’s inner voice right now!

June 21st end of lockdown meme

Credit: Vectorbomb /

It almost feels too good to be true!

End of lockdown meme June 21st

Credit: Vectorbomb /

Why is it taking so long!

End of lockdown with friends meme

Credit: ZoomTV

We feel sorry for the first bar you head to on holiday.

End of lockdown meme June 21st

Credit: Memezilla

Leaving lockdown isn’t as easy as you might think for some.

john travolta lockdown meme june 21st

Credit: Reddit/Giphy

Trying to remember what to do on that first night out after leaving lockdown on June 21st.

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