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Our top 10 Halloween t-shirts

Our top 10 Halloween t-shirts

halloween T Shirt

Calling all Halloween fanatics! Are you are a sucker for a vampire inspired t-shirt? Or maybe you’re a joker that wants to show off your sense of humour with a dead funny t-shirt. Whatever it is, you’re in the right place.

How to kill a zombie, men’s t shirt

Want to be equipped for a zombie apocalypse? We’ve got you covered. This t-shirt happens to offer helpful and practical advice for anyone looking to kill a zombie and be super stylish, so if you want to survive a zombie takeover and look great for Halloween, we suggest you buy this Vectorbomb Halloween t-shirt. This t-shirt would make a great gift for your friend, brother, dad or even your work colleague.

Bats and pumpkin women’s t shirt

This Happy Halloween t-shirt is great for those of you that aren’t a fan of a Halloween costume but still want to get in the spooky spirit. Wear this t-shirt with pride at the office party or impress the neighbours with your trick or treating outfit.

Like zombies, men’s t shirt

Are you a fan of the living dead? We certainly are, which is why we’ve created this men’s zombie t-shirt. Why not celebrate Halloween binge-watching the zombie horror series and wearing this t-shirt or take the kids trick or treating and be the best dressed on the block.

Smith’s Grove Sanatorium men’s t shirt

Want a Halloween t-shirt that will drive people crazy? This Smiths Grove Sanitorium Men’s t-shirt not only pays tribute to the iconic 2007 film but is also the perfect Halloween costume. Be prepared to be mistaken for psych patient Michael Myers and don’t be alarmed if you scare people off.


Halloween tie men’s t shirt

Want to look spooktacular at the office party this Halloween? This men’s Halloween t-shirt will leave you looking both spooky and smart. This is the perfect last-minute outfit to impress your work colleagues and prove that you know how to get in the Halloween spirit.

Life begins after coffee skeleton men’s t shirt

If you’re a horror before you’ve had that first dose of caffeine in the morning or if you know someone that can relate, we have the perfect Halloween t-shirt. Do you wake up in the morning feeling half-dead until you’ve had a few sips of hot coffee? Get this t-shirt and let the world know that life begins after coffee, it’ll be sure to make your friends laugh.

The witch is in, women’s t shirt

If you know someone with a wicked sense of humour that loves the spooky season, this women’s t-shirt is the perfect gift. Why not buy it as a gift for your mum, sister, friend or even work colleague.

Zombie apocalypse, men’s t shirt

If Halloween isn’t really your thing but you still want to make a nod to the spooky season, then this zombie apocalypse men’s t-shirt is perfect for you. We can all admit we’ve thought about what we’d do if faced with an onslaught of zombies, about how we’d kill them and come out on top.

Ghost face, women’s t shirt

Get your monster mash on with this simple Halloween Ghost design! This women’s Halloween t-shirt is perfect to wear for a night in with the kids or as a last-minute outfit for that party you decided to go to.

Don't worry it's not my blood, men’s t shirt

If you want to really freak people out this Halloween this t-shirt is perfect. You will be sure to get everyone talking about this design. This t-shirt is a great last-minute outfit for yourself or why not treat your dad, brother or friend to a spooky surprise.

Above are just some of the Halloween t-shirts that we have available here at Vectorbomb. Each t-shirt is made using high-quality materials here in the UK and every time you order one of our t-shirts, our team of master craftsmen personally select your t-shirt before printing your spooky design onto it.

So, what are you waiting for? Happy Halloween and Happy Shopping.


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