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So What’s your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan?

What – you don’t have one? A recent survey found one in four British people have a plan in place, so be prepared or be disembowelled alive. Don’t worry it’s not too late, here are some handy tips to quickly get you up to speed.

Firstly assess your friendship group for fellow A List Zombie survivors. You should be looking for medical professionals, accomplished DIYers or Ramblers Association members with all the camping gear and a working knowledge of ordinance survey maps. Remember lifestyle blogging and tax efficient saving schemes have no place in the zombie apocalypse so steer clear of anyone in Marketing or Finance, unless they are good with a knife. Get these people around you and you’ll have a good chance of surviving, although you may come to welcome death after enough time in their company.

Assuming we’re dealing with your traditional shambling zombie, a basic fitness level is also going to pay dividends. You just have to have enough stamina to keep one step ahead of the zombie hoard/other people fleeing the zombie hoard. The dress code for fighting the undead is definitely a leather biker jacket, it’s a design classic that provides extra protection against a nasty zombie nip and a wipe clean surface for flying guts and brain matter.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough, drones could prove invaluable so get yourself down to Argos post-haste and loot any available drone technology. A Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Realsense Hexacopter piloted over a cliff edge playing the Back Street Boys at full volume could prove highly effective in neutralizing the zombie menace.

So we hope that gives you a thorough grounding in zombie warfare and if you’re looking for any further inspiration you’ll look drop undead gorgeous in our Halloween Collection of Zombie T-shirts including our Shaun of the Dead range. 

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