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The top 7 Father's Day gifts for car lovers

The top 7 Father's Day gifts for car lovers

Looking for the perfect car gifts for Father's Day? If your dad is a petrol head who loves nothing more than spending hour after hour behind the wheel, chewing through mile upon mile of tarmac with the sound of Freddie Mercury blaring from every window on a warm summer's day, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to the perfect Father's Day gift.

That is until today. We've been in your shoes, we know how difficult it can be to buy a car-themed gift for Father's Day, so we decided to help frantic shoppers everywhere by creating a collection of motoring gifts so good, it will have your dad turning his head away from the latest Bugatti.

If you're in a hurry you can shop head straight to car gift collection by clicking here or you can check out our full Father's Day collection by clicking here.

Still with us? Great! Here are our top 10 Father's Day gifts for car lovers. 

Fast and the Furious fan Father’s Day gift

fast and furious fathers day gift

Does your dad take after Dominic Toretto, insomuch that family is everything? Has he released his inner child now that he knows that Fast and Furious 9 will be hitting cinemas mere days after Father’s Day? If your dad is all about life on four wheels and like to think that he can live life a quarter mile at a time, then feed his passion this Father’s Day with this Drift lover’s tee. 

Karate Kid hoodie - for the dad that likes to wax on and wax off

karate kid hoodie

With the years of waxing on and off, we’re pretty sure that Daniel-san has nothing on your dad’s car waxing skills at this point. In fact, we’re pretty sure that Mr Miyagi would be teaching your dad how to do the iconic crane stance if he got a glimpse of the meticulous technique your dad employs each and every time he gives his pride and joy a little TLC.

If your dad is a fan of driving and classic movies, then this Karate kid hoodie is the perfect Father’s Day gift. 

Dash icons t shirt - because your dad is iconic

Dash icons ht shirt for men

Ever thought you heard the rumble of thunder whilst sat in the back seat of your dad’s car as a child, only to look through the window and see bright sunshine outside? That rumble was probably the unmistakable sound that every dad creates when the dreaded engine light appears on the dash.

Don’t worry there are no dreaded icons here, it is a list of the perfect car gifts for Father’s Day, after all, these are our interpretation of what every light that can pop up on the dash really means. Some aren’t quite what you expect. 

Mugs for dads who love cars

 fathers day car gift mug

If there is one place every petrol head with children feels safe and at peace, it’s behind the wheel of their car. While this mug might not fit in any car cupholders, it’ll give everyone your dad sees while he’s supping his brew on Father’s Day the message they need to know.

The perfect Father’s Day gift for a mechanic

Spanner ninja fathers day t shirt

If your dad is most often found under the bonnet of his car, cleaning, tinkering and finding the sweet spot where the engine of his pride and joy sounds best, then he not only loves cars, he’s probably a mechanic.

While spanner may be your dads’ katana, he still needs his samurai armour and this Spanner Ninja tee should do the trick! 

The best poster for dads that love Land Rovers

 Land rover defender wall art poster fathers day

A British icon, robust, always there when it’s needed, and getting quite old. It seems your dad and the Land Rover Defender have a lot in common!

If your dad is proud to be British, loves cars then there aren’t many more Father’s Day gifts they’ll love than this statement piece of wall art.

A gift for dads who drive trucks

trucker hoodie for fathers day gift

Some fathers grow to love life on the road, others were born to drive and that’s exactly the case for the dad who drives trucks for a living.

Life on the road can be tough when you’re a truck driver, with long hours, endless tarmac and motorway service station after motorway service station being part and parcel of the job. However, it’s the time away from the family that can often be the hardest aspect of the job.

This hoodie is a truck drivers dream and the perfect Father’s Day gift if you want to keep your dad comfortable while they drive, whilst also reminding them you’re always thinking of them when they see their reflection at yet another service station mirror.

Classic car Father’s Day gift

VW Beetle T shirt for dads

He’s got the car, now get him the tee that ensures your dad’s OG status. Whether your dad resembles Heisenberg, Ice Cube or any gangster in between, this tee will help complete the look he’s looking for when he hops into his classic car next.

Find your perfect Father’s Day gift

These are 7 of our favourite Father’s Day gifts for car lovers but we have thousands more to your dad will love, whether he’s a car fanatic, loves his motorbike or any other passion he might have.

You can shop our car lover gifts which include:

Looking for something else? You can check out our full Father’s Day range by clicking here.

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