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The Yankification of Halloween

Halloween used to be a fairly low key event in the UK, you might catch a re-run of Friday the 13th on the tellybox or, for the more adventurous, try out a cheeky Ouija board. The main celebrations were traditionally saved for  Bonfire Night where you could wave a sparkler, dislodge a few fillings with a toffee apple and celebrate torching Catholics. 

Today however, the commercial juggernaut of Halloween USA-Style has completely co-opted us Brits. Resistance is futile as year on year the UK High Street expands their Halloween range of fancy dress, illuminated plastic skeletons, inflatable spiders and limited edition sweeties. Britons used to carve turnips into lanterns, most forty year olds hadn't even seen a real pumpkin until their late twenties. Now the pumpkin has achieved transatlantic dominance and you can’t move for them in the supermarkets.

Trick or treating is such a big deal its seems you’ve only just come out from behind the sofa in November and it’s time to go back into hiding from the carol singers. Even more of a concern is the new generation of really scary Halloween decorations. You can now buy digitally projected ghouls and ghosties authentic enough to scare the bejeezus out of innocent passers-by. 

Well if you can’t beat 'em join 'em, look like a real cool ghoul in a TShirt from our fangtastic Halloween Collection. 

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