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Music Hoodies

Music Hoodies

Music Hoodies

Music lovers, stay where you are! We have got a fantastic range of music hoodies that are sure to make you, your friends and your loved one’s smile.

Music hoodies for everyone’s music taste 

We have a huge variety of music hoodies for all of the music lovers out there including:

Music hoodies for the festival lovers, our designers have worked hard to create unique designs for those of you that are always dreaming about Glasto.

Hoodies for the dads. There’s plenty of old skool rocker dad’s out there that still pick up the guitar or have a go on the drums from time to time that would love one of our music hoodies to remind them of their heyday.

Hoodies for the ravers. You know what they say? Once a raver, always a raver and that’s exactly why we’ve created our range of rave hoodies. They are the perfect gift for that friend that will always be a raver no matter how old they get.

Hoodies for the diehard heavy metal fans. Heavy metal music will never die and that’s why we have created a great range of hoodies, in a variety of colours for the lifelong Metalheads.

Whatever your taste in music, we have something for everyone. 

A Vectorbomb music hoodie makes a great treat for you or an awesome gift for a friend, colleague or loved one. They are great to give as birthday or Christmas presents and are guaranteed to make them smile.

Funny music hoodies 

We combine humour with great designs and we want everyone to be able to enjoy our music hoodies which is why we offer a range of sizes from small to 5XL.

We make each of our music hoodies using eco-friendly materials in the UK. Each design has been created by our inhouse team of talented artists and designers meaning our music hoodies are truly unique.